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California Attorney Representing Businesses In Environmental Law

California businesses must contend with environmental law issues on a daily basis. Without skilled legal guidance, companies can be exposed to significant risk and liability. With a knowledgeable environmental law attorney on your side, it is often possible to avoid these problems before they significantly impact your bottom line.

David A. Giannotti adeptly handles a broad range of environmental law matters for clients in Los Angeles, as well as businesses located throughout California and across the nation. The scope of his practice covers all environmental legal matters companies routinely face, including issues concerning regulatory compliance, acquisition, due diligence and environmental impact assessments.

Sound Environmental Law Solutions

Attorney Giannotti has devoted his career to representing business interests in environmental law issues. Throughout more than 35 years of legal practice, Mr. Giannotti has been involved in landmark environmental cases and has handled high-stakes legal matters for clients nationwide. Mr. Giannotti provides legal representation for a broad range of environmental law matters, including:

Existing environmental issues: From defending against government enforcement actions to establishing reporting programs, attorney Giannotti is committed to helping businesses minimize the cost of litigation and to ensuring valuable interests remain protected.

“Superfund” laws and environmental cleanup: Mr. Giannotti has served as common counsel to a group of more than 130 companies at a Los Angeles Superfund site dating back to 1986. He is prepared to put this experience to work at every step of a case, from risk management to defending against enforcement actions in court.

Enforcement actions: Government enforcement actions often leave businesses open to potential liability. Attorney Giannotti understands how to respond to all types of enforcement matters, including internal investigations, notices of noncompliance and shutdown orders.

Implementation of remedies: It is important to explore all of your options for remedy implementation. Mr. Giannotti can help you find solutions that are cost-effective and that will lessen the impact to your business.

Environmental audits and due diligence: Conducting environmental audits and engaging in due diligence is essential in helping avoid potential lawsuits and enforcement actions. Attorney Giannotti has implemented numerous environmental assessment programs with ongoing compliance as a main focus.

Permits and spills: Obtaining the proper permits is key to staying on the side of state and federal environmental regulations. When spills or releases occur, Mr. Giannotti can help determine the best course of action in regard to reporting and cleanup.

Air and water pollution: If part of your business runs the risk of possible air or water pollution, it is important to seek proper legal guidance to ensure that you do not run afoul of regulations and leave your business open to costly liability.

Solid and hazardous wastes: Attorney Giannotti can help businesses determine whether a substance is likely to be treated as hazardous waste and, if so, how such substances should be properly disposed of.

Oil and hazardous substances: Companies that handle oil in any capacity must follow strict regulations. Failure to do so can lead to heavy financial penalties. Mr. Giannotti can help implement programs that adhere to the law and can help limit your liability.

Environmental lobbying: Attorney Giannotti is involved with environmental law at all levels, from planning to litigation to lobbying on behalf of business interests.

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