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Referring Attorneys

My environmental law experience in California is often the reason for referrals from other attorneys and law firms, or association into matters, to sometimes supplement that firm’s environmental practice, or more often because the firm does not have anyone with environmental expertise.

Examples of referrals or associations include:

  • Due diligence in purchase or sale of business or property
  • State and Federal agencies enforcement actions
  • Private claims or cost recovery action (as plaintiff or defendant)
  • General environmental compliance issues
  • Permitting and compliance assurance
  • To work with or manage environmental consultants

Firms benefit from referrals of these types of matters by remaining involved to oversee their client’s best interests and to help maintain the client relationship for all of the other work they do.

Types of Businesses I Can Help

While not an exhaustive list, the types of businesses that I can help are as follows:

  • Corporations and companies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Private equity firms
  • Commercial real estate developers
  • Commercial property owners

If you need an Environmental Attorney here in California to help with a current client or case please reach out to me directly by clicking here or calling my Law Office today at (310) 962-6017.