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California Attorney Helping Businesses With Environmental Permits And Cleanup

California lawyer David A. Giannotti helps business clients obtain the permits they need to operate in compliance with environmental regulations. Environmental permits include hazardous waste permits, air emission permits, water discharge permits and wetlands permits. Without these permits in place, your business could run afoul of state and federal environmental regulations, leaving your company vulnerable to enforcement actions and other liabilities.

With more than 35 years of experience, attorney Giannotti can provide you with the skilled representation you need in obtaining permits and defending against allegations of permit violations.

Helping Businesses Comply With EPA Regulations In Cases Of Spills And Releases

In the event of a spill or release, attorney Giannotti can help your company determine the best course of action in terms of reporting, cleanup and other remedy implementation measures. Potential liability depends on a number of factors, including the type of substance and the amount that is released. Mr. Giannotti can help you understand whether the amount is a reportable quantity and, if so, which government agencies you need to report to. Attorney Giannotti is equipped to handle spills and releases involving all types of hazardous substances, including solid waste, as well as oil spills and pollution of air and water.

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Attorney Giannotti is committed to helping protect your valuable business interests in all cases involving environmental law. Complete an online contact form or call (310) 962-6107, to schedule a consultation to discuss your business’s needs.