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California Lawyer Representing Businesses In Environmental Enforcement Actions

Enforcement actions by government environmental agencies are a constant source of potential liability for many businesses. Regulatory compliance and due diligence are essential to avoid such actions. When your business needs to defend itself against an enforcement action, it is important to have an experienced environmental litigation attorney on your side.

California attorney David A. Giannotti provides skilled environmental defense representation to businesses in Los Angeles, throughout California and across the U.S. Mr. Giannotti has significant experience defending business interests against enforcement actions carried out by the EPA and other state and federal agencies.

Extensive Experience Protecting Valuable Interests

Attorney Giannotti handles a broad range of legal matters relating to environmental enforcement actions. Examples include:

  • Successfully challenged a shutdown and cleanup order for sediment contamination by demonstrating flaws in the agency’s scientific evidence
  • Settled $2 million claim for $5,000 and presented evidence to convince the agency to drop its criminal investigation

He can help you determine the best course of action for responding to:

  • Internal investigations
  • Demands for information
  • Document review
  • Actions for injunctive relief
  • Notices of noncompliance
  • Notices of permit violations
  • Shutdown orders

Mr. Giannotti represents business clients in state and federal courts, and before administrative agencies. He offers practical guidance that is focused on achieving the most favorable, cost-effective resolution. While he always works to solve matters out of court, he prepares every case as if it is headed for litigation.

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