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California Attorney Representing Businesses In Environmental Cleanup Matters

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), commonly known as Superfund, was enacted in 1980 in response to the threat posed by hazardous waste sites.

CERCLA authorizes state and federal government agencies to hold companies liable for pollutants released on their property. If your company is subject to a Superfund enforcement action, it is important to seek help from legal counsel who has extensive experience in this area of law. California lawyer David A. Giannotti has been protecting the interests of businesses in the area of environmental law for more than 35 years. He is prepared to put his experience to work for you.

Experienced Handling Of Superfund Litigation

Attorney Giannotti has provided representation for business clients at Superfund sites throughout California and across the U.S. Mr. Giannotti has served as common counsel to a group of more than 130 companies at a Superfund site in Los Angeles since 1986. In this role, attorney Giannotti provides a broad range of legal services, including serving as lead attorney in negotiating the largest partial settlements to date in the EPA’s Superfund program, totaling more than $650 million.

Mr. Giannotti works closely with his business clients to guide them through Superfund investigations. He is prepared to handle every aspect of your case, from risk management to monitoring requests from the EPA and other government agencies, to defending against enforcement actions in court.

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If your business is facing a Superfund enforcement action concerning alleged hazardous substance contamination, attorney Giannotti is available to help protect your valuable interests. Complete an online contact form or call (310) 962-6107, to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation.